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Introducing the JUDO MASTER: the ultimate training equipment for mastering takedowns. Built on decades of expertise, this equipment features the same advanced design as our popular Super Snap and Shoot and The Snap and Shoot Elite models. Specially crafted for JUDO enthusiasts worldwide, it sets a new standard in combat training equipment.


Our signature spring system, perfected over 50 years, ensures unmatched performance and durability. Experience the evolution of combat training with the JUDO MASTER—your key to dominating the mat and reaching new levels of skill and success.


Join the ranks of champions and train with the best.



Level Up Your Skills: Learn Takedown Moves and Techniques with a Partner That Never Gets Tired


  • Complete range of motion on all kinds of leg attacks.
  • The upper body allows for a full range of motion and a VERY human like resistance.
  • Perform over 100 takedown techniques and strengthening drills. Ideal for practicing head snap / leg attack takedown combos.
  • Easy to install and mount.
  • Large size suitable for Adults
  • Junior size suitable for Junior High age and size range, weighing 90 to 160 lbs.
  • Tyke size suitable for youth, weighing about 40 to 75 lbs.




  • Large JUDO MASTER: 

    HT: 63"

    WIDTH: 22"

    USER WEIGHT RANGE: 110 - 220 LBs


    JR JUDO: 

    HT: 57"

    WIDTH: 19"

    USER WEIGHT RANGE: 90 - 140 LBs


    Tyke JUDO: 

    HT: 48"

    WIDTH: 17"

    USER WEIGHT RANGE: 50 - 80 LBs

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