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Get Your Black Belt in Job Hunting: How to Find a Part- or Full-Time Job in Martial Arts

By Charlene Roth

If you’re searching for a part-time or full-time job involving martial arts, the process of finding one can feel overwhelming. However, with dedication and a few key tips and tricks, it is possible to find the perfect job. Adams Athletics compiled a list of how to get a job in martial arts and make sure your application stands out from the rest.

Exploring Jobs Available in Kinesiology or Sports Science

Having a degree in kinesiology or sports science can help open up more job possibilities. It shows potential employers that you have the educational background to coach, train, and work on the administrative side of martial arts jobs. Make sure that you include any certificates you may have obtained as well as any awards or accomplishments during your studies.

Get Your Martial Arts Training Certification

Becoming certified in martial arts instruction can greatly improve your career prospects. Attaining credentials through organizations will demonstrate to employers that you possess the necessary knowledge and experience to teach others. Furthering your education through courses at local gyms or universities is also a great way to hone your skills as an instructor.

Join Organizations for Martial Arts

Joining martial arts organizations can provide a great opportunity to network and find potential jobs or apprenticeships. It's important to stay connected with these groups by attending events and seminars in order to remain on their radar when positions become available. Doing this gives you an advantage over other applicants and shows initiative, dedication, and commitment.

Volunteer for Experience

Gaining experience can be difficult if no one will hire you without some sort of prior experience. Consider volunteering with existing martial arts organizations, at community centers, or at churches where free classes are offered. By doing this, not only will you gain invaluable experience but it also shows potential employers that you are passionate about what you do and have gone above and beyond just getting certified.

Find Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships are a great way to acquire work experience and develop mentorship relationships with professionals in the field. The duration of apprenticeships varies but typically involves six months to one year of close instruction from seasoned industry veterans. Applying for an apprenticeship can be difficult, but the expertise and knowledge gained from such a program are invaluable when seeking employment afterward.

Competition Participation

Competitions are a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate your abilities while connecting with people in the same field. It also gives potential employers an insight into the kind of skills you have and whether or not you would be suitable for certain roles. Taking part in competitions can be a huge benefit to those looking to advance their career.

Automating Your Paperwork into PDFs

Acquiring the right documents for job applications is fundamental. It is important to be able to edit PDF files with an online editor by using this to ensure employers have easy access when reviewing your application. Make sure you meet all the deadlines and keep your contact information up-to-date, just in case someone needs more information from you.

Keep Your LinkedIn Profile Well-Updated

Keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date and free from mistakes is essential when applying for jobs these days. Recruiters and employers pay attention to small details, like double-checking spelling and grammar mistakes as well as professional-looking profile photos. Having an updated, accurate profile will demonstrate professionalism and dedication toward the applicant's goals and aspirations.

Bottom Line

Getting a job in martial arts takes hard work and dedication, but if you’re looking to pursue your dream, you should be prepared. Having a degree in kinesiology or sports science is invaluable, as well as getting certified to prove your skills. Converting paperwork into PDFs and keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date are great practices, as well. With these tools, anyone interested in martial arts can go after their dream job confidently and successfully.

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