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Carl Adams started A&W Wrestling over 45 years ago. He is also a

Distinguished Member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, a former

four time National Champion, World Team Member and Coach at the D-

1 college level for 41 years. He is considered by many to be one of the

most innovative wrestling minds in the history of our sport. He has

been introducing ground breaking and innovative wrestling products to

the market since graduating from Iowa State University in 1973. While

at Iowa State, he became the first true freshman to earn All American

honors. He also won two NCAA Championships and was a member of

three NCAA Championship Teams. Carl hosted the World Class

Wrestling Institute for 34 consecutive years. It was considered by

many to be one of the best wrestling camp in the country. Over 20,000

students attended. He has written three very popular instructional

wrestling books and his 9 instructional wrestling videos sold over

100,000 copies.

Carl also invented the ADAM Takedown Machine. He was only 23

years old when he designed and got a patent on wrestling's first

mechnical and spring loaded full body training device

During September of 2003, Carl Adams, felt that there was a

tremendous need for what is now called the Snap and Shoot Takedown



The Snap and Shoot Takedown Training System, offers wrestlers an

opportunity to improve specific power, conditioning, and speed. A

wrestler can also work toward perfecting their overall attack and their

take-downs at a level that is unprecedented in the history of our sport.


Carl Adams invented the Takedown Defender during the summer of

2006. The Takedown Defender is already being called by many the

most productive training device ever for the sport of wrestling. It is the

first and only training device used specifically for working on takedown



In 2013, ten years after the introduction of the Snap and Shoot, A+W

Wrestling unveiled two new essential training devices: the Iowa Style

Snapper and the JOBO Takedown Trainer. Both of these devices build

upon the training effects introduced with the Snap and Shoot by

allowing wrestlers to focus on developing head attacking and leg

attacking skills separately.


In 2018 Carls drive for perfection has continued. The Super Snap and

Shoot is a compilation of the best of everything Carl knows about

wrestling and developing the best possible training equipment for

wrestling and other combative sports. We believe the Super Snap and

Shoot will go down in history as one of the best wrestling training

devices ever.

The primary focus of our training devices is to help wrestlers become

more powerful, more efficient, and better conditioned when attacking

opposing wrestlers on their feet. Used together, the Snap and Shoot,

the Iowa Style Snapper, the JOBO Takedown Trainer and JOBO Blast

help wrestlers develop a more complete training routine.

We hope that you like our contributions to the sport of wrestling and

MMA and use them to help you reach your maximum potential.


A and W Wrestling is a subsidiary of Adams Athletics INC

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